Soil Stabilization is the cost-effective, long-term physical and chemical alteration of soils to enhance their physical properties. It can improve R-values, sheer and unconfined compressive strengths, and permanently lower the soil’s permeability to water. Stabilization can be used to treat a wide range of less than desirable soils, from expansive clays to granular materials. This is all done on your job site and in-place.

Not only does Soil Stabilization reduce your up-front cost by up to 50%
– it costs much less than an aggregate base/select fill section, – it provides future savings because it increases the life of the section and reduces maintenance costs.

Benefits of Soil Stabilization:

Improved soil characteristics (R-Values, strengths, reduction in plasticity)
Allows use of existing on-site soils for structural values
Cost savings up to 50% of traditional methods
Potential reduction of imported base material and pavement sections
Eliminates excavation of old materials and importing of new materials
Significantly reduces construction traffic
Prepare for winter conditions and keep the job going.
You can winterize your site well before winter sets in. This preventative measure eliminates down-time and lasts throughout the length of the project. In wet conditions, your crews can get back on-site immediately after the rains have stopped.


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