Retaining Walls

PM10 Retaining Wall Installation Service is the most respected retaining wall installation company in Southern California area. From commercial and government contract to residential and landscape application our expertise is surpassed by none. Our excellent reputation is the product outstanding customer satisfaction including unequaled customer care, expert workmanship and the use of the highest quality materials. We combine all of this with a fair price to set ourselves apart from other erosion control and retaining wall companies. We look forward to providing you with your free retaining wall estimate.

Retaining walls are a fundamental element in commercial and residential construction; a structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any commercial design and, retaining walls are an esthetic element to many residential landscaping designs.

Geogrid reinforced soil retaining walls offer aesthetically pleasing and economical alternatives to conventional retaining wall systems such as cast-in-place walls. The geogrid reinforced fill zone behind the retaining wall facing acts as a uniform mass or block to provide stability to the retaining wall structure.

Geogrids work well with a wide variety of fill materials, often allowing for the use of lesser quality, lower cost fills that could be deemed unsuitable for use with other systems, such as those susceptible to corrosion. A wide variety of facing elements can be used in geogrid reinforced retaining wall systems, providing the flexibility to find the appearance that is right for a particular site. These options include segmental concrete blocks, concrete panels, geogrid wraps, timbers, or boulders.

Retaining wall applications include:

  • commercial
  • industrial and retail
  • single and multifamily residential
  • transportation infrastructure
  • municipal waste management
  • recreation facilities
  • water and flood control structures

Whether you need to hold back a little dirt or a whole mountain, we can design and install any type of segmental retaining wall to get the job done.