Wattle Erosion Control CaliforniaWattle (construction) is a form of erosion control typically used to reduce sediment in runoff. A wattle is often constructed of natural plant materials such as hay bales, or plant material grubbed from a construction site and arranged in piles on a down flow slope.

Wattles are made from recycled, naturally weed-free California rice straw. The wattles imitate natural stabilization by reducing the rate of flow, absorbing water and filtering sediment runoff. By trapping silt and seed, the wattles allow native vegetation and brush to begin to revegetate and restore root integrity within one year. Stabilization of the hillside will eventually transition to the reformed growth as the Wattles decay. The wattles also form a durable containment area to prevent polluted runoff from reaching surface waters. All wattles meet Cal Trans standard specifications.

Earth Saver Rice Straw Wattles replace Silt Fences, Sandbags, Willow Wattles, and Straw Bales with a natural, earth-friendly, weed-free solution.