Premium Quality Shredded & Screened Top Soil

topsoil-deliveryWe take dirt seriously! Commercial and residential customers in the Southern California area turn to us when the job needs to be done right … the first time. Strict adherence to quality control guarantees your topsoil meets strict specifications. Your result is more robust plants and greener lawns. And timely, dependable delivery means your job stays on schedule.

We’ve been providing high-quality topsoil to Southern California based customers since the 1990’s. Our standards are rigorous: We don’t judge topsoil by color … neither should you – color only indicates that it was weathered from a specific parent rock. Instead, we maintain effective quality control by submitting every topsoil batch for laboratory testing. We test our topsoil for sand, silt and clay content, as well as for pH, nutrients and organic matter. Test results help us amend soils to meet strict specifications, and it provides the information we need to create highly specialized topsoil mixes for complex applications, such as golf courses or athletic fields. To prove how much we believe in the importance of testing, request a soil test sheet with your delivery. Here’s what you can expect from our topsoil testing and analysis:

Nutrient analysis represents the topsoil’s nutrient availability capacity. These nutrients may be adjusted by adding fertilizer. And organic matter represents the topsoil’s ability to store moisture and nutrients for the plant as needed. We adjust both nutrient and organic matter levels based on the planting application – that ensures better landscaping and more robust plants.

We offer a range of topsoil’s to suit applications from home gardens to golf courses.