Reclamite Asphalt Rejuvenation®

With government agencies everywhere facing tight budgets and fraying infrastructures, Reclamite® offers vital assistance when it comes to asphalt preservation with rejuvenation.

Formulated from the same light oils and resins that are the volatile fractions of asphalt. Reclamite® provides a simple, one-step early method for asphalt preservation by restoring plasticity and durability of the asphalt binder.

Used on newly constructed pavements, it will improve the durability characteristics of the mix, by replacing volatile components lost to the heat of production while providing an in-depth seal to reduce permeability.

On older pavements, Reclamite® will reverse the effects of aging due to environmental damage from sunlight and water intrusion by again volatile component replacement.

Used by agencies throughout the country for more than 40 years, it is the first choice in early asphalt road preservation.

Asphalt/Pavement Road Rejuvenation, Waterproofing and Preservation

Reclamite® increases penetration values and reduces viscosity values. Reclamite® seals out moisture, restores the asphaltene/maltene balance. Reclamite® having natural solvency ability because of its naphthenic base, fluxes with the asphalt restoring the aggregate/asphalt bond.

Reclamite® has been used successfully for over 40 years. Whether you are dealing with asphalt pavement in the hot, dry southwest United States, humid southern and southeast states or the damp and colder climates experienced in northern climates and Canada, application results are similar; improved durability of the asphalt, (durability being the interdependence between composition and aging), re-balancing the chemistry of the oxidized pavement, ability to delay the aging process and reverse premature aging.

Reclamite® Preservative Seal provides a simple, one step method for sealing and waterproofing the asphalt. It is effective for extending the life of newly constructed pavement.

Reclamite® delays the aging process by replenishing the maltenes and re-constituting the binder. Aged asphalt can be restored to a new and highly durable mix , virtually equal to or better than the original consistency.

Asphalt consists of five basic components: asphaltenes, polar compounds, first acidaffins, second acidaffins and saturated hydrocarbons. The later four are referred to as maltene fractions. These components in asphalt are subject to weathering and oxidation.

Reclamite® is spray applied. The emulsion is diluted 2:1 (product to water) or 1:1 with water. Application rates are measured in square yards or meters and vary according to pavement absorption and application needs. Normal treatment can provide 5-7 years additional service life. A second application can be considered at that time.